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Hadassah al Ihteram Arrives

Stefani Annett June 18, 2012


Introducing Hadassah (pronounced hah-dah-sah)....
After a difficult labor, she rested a few minutes, stood up, began to walk...then she RAN! I think someone told her she was the younger sister to two audacious older brothers. ;) 

Hadassah is the biblical name of a young girl who later became Esther, "Queen of Persia". Our little Hadassah seems to think she already owns that title. ;)

Mishaal HP Progeny Win at Egyptian Event 2012

​Stefani Annett June 6, 2012

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Carol Simons March 2012

This is Stephane Robillard giving me yet another math problem: "Okay, Stefani, if I have 3 billion cells diluted in 60 ml what is the shipping concentration?" I think to myself, "My brain feels depleted by 3 billion cells, Mr. Robillard!"....

Over the next few posts I will attempt to describe what occurs in the breeding barn/mare care lab of ALTD. After spending many hours with Stephane and his sweet wife Mellisa, I realized that my math teachers of so many years ago were ohhhh so right...I will use Algebra and math with horses! Stephane is a walking algebraic equation and he put my math skills to the test! So all of you future horse breeders out attention in math class! ;)

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