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About Us


First, and foremost, we are a family with five beautiful children.  They are my passion and pride.   We have created a farming lifestyle where they can learn the ethics of hard work, the goodness of a job well done, and to care for the creatures placed in our stewardship.  Helping  Stefani's lifelong dream of breeding the finest Arabians, Thomas purchased her first mare, "Truly Sequel RCA, as a "birthday, Christmas, Mother's day, and Wedding Anniversary gift!!"

We settled on a 54-acre hay farm in East Tennesee in 2007, built a foaling stall, and fenced in pastures.  Soon, our Straight Egyptian foundation mares, Truly Sequel RCA and Aliashahm al Ihteram, grazed upon its fertile soil.  With our children playing in the spring--fed stream and our horses galloping through the meadows, we felt blessed and in awe of the greatness of the gifts from God in our life.  With this in mind, we named our farm "Reverence Spring Arabians". 


Stefani Annett
Emma an Sariah

Since that day, the children have grown, our mares have gifted us with many beautiful foals, and we have been challenged in ways we never thought possible. Through it all we have learned that challenges only strengthen our gratitude for the lessons earned and the blessings that follow. Each and every soul of Reverence Spring is a treasured life and we are committed to ensuring their health and happiness just as God has cared for us.  



--Stefani Annett

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